Just a few quick turns off the main road in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, you will find yourself in a bushy olive grove oasis that surrounds The Olive Exclusive Boutique Hotel.

This rustic-chic hotel is an ultra luxurious haven. The three junior and four premier suites are individually decorated to reflect different regions of the country and an amazing use of textures, colours and décor make these room so unique. The premiere suites are stand-alone structures, come equipped with your very own private plunge pool and have an unobstructed view of the olive groves, which means privacy!

The restaurant here blew my mind. Dinner was absolutely delicious and they had a great selection of South African wines to choose from. Breakfast, which is included with the room and best enjoyed on the dinning room terrace, was overwhelming with selection and delightful.

Not to mention, the service all-round here was impeccable. Everyone was helpful, kind, and you felt like they genuinely cared about their guests. Although this place did not come cheap, I did not feel as though I overpaid which is always a great feeling to leave with.

This place is a great place to hang your hat for a day or two after landing in Windhoek before you head off on a Namibian safari adventure. Windhoek itself is quite small so not much time is needed to see the city.

Must Do:

Visit Sky Bar, the roof top terrace at the Hilton Hotel. This place has the best view in the city and allows you get a grasp on the size and layout of the city. I also suggest staying at this hotel if you are more budget conscious as it is a rather new hotel with quite nice amenities!)

Drive! After Windhoek we were headed to Sossusvlei for a desert safari and could not take the camps private plane as it did not work with our departure flight time. We rented a truck and embarked on our 5 hour drive to camp. As soon as you leave Windhoek the landscape is pretty barren but beautiful and so different from anything I have seen before. Although there are not many animals that can survive in the Namibian dessert we encountered Baboons, Oryx and Springbok galore. Load up on snacks and water, make sure you have gas to get to the next gas station and make sure you rent a truck. The roads are deceivingly rough (and fun) but most importantly safe!

– Katherine xo