Do you ever read those ‘what’s in my bag’ articles and think how unrealistic they are? I mean sure they are interesting and entertaining, but I am always left thinking ‘yeah right, if only I could pack that glamorously and have everything I need’.  I mean these people must have entourages carrying around their real bags for them – am I alone here? I am not saying that's wrong, it’s just unrealistic for me!

This is what drove me to do my own ‘ What’s in My Bag’ post to show how different, very frequent travellers also pack a carry on. I travel at least once a month on both short and long-hauls and I have been to now 94 countries so I feel like I have a lot of bag-packing experience to share so here goes…… May I remind you I travel a lot for work as well outside my personal obsession with the sport! :)

So, what’s in my carry on you ask:

Passport holder & travel documents: I mean come on, this isn’t even an option

2 Pens: for filling in customs forms and for lending to an unprepared neighbor (or maybe even that cute guy or girl next to you)

Conde Nast Traveler: There is nothing like planning your next trip or adventure while on a trip or adventure, am I right?!

Eye Mask: sleep is the most important element of travel, you need to wake up in destinations rested and ready to go and that is hard to do if you don't get your beauty rest, plus you never know if your neighbour wants to read with the light on all 15 hours to Hong Kong or not!

Universal Adapter: because you need to be charged and ready in every possible location, especially during stopovers

Travel Size face wipes: to make you feel fresh upon dozing off and arrival

Deodorant: a necessity you never want to be without so I do not trust it in checked luggage

Make up Case: Just a little one with all the essentials needed to put your best face forward if travelling by carryon only or to hedge your bets against lost checked luggage

Antibacterial Wipes: because we all know how germ infested planes are and I cannot afford to get sick every time I board a plane, I may be a little too much of a germ-a-phobe, but have you ever wiped the headrest of your seat down…….

Jewelry: because you always want to keep your valuables close

Travel Medicine Case:  I know its not the best idea to mix different pills into one container, but these travel size pill cases make it so easy to bring a few of main things you may need while traveling, i.e. Aspiring, gravol, etc

Sleeping Pills: OK don’t take this the wrong way or think I am pushing this sort of thing on people, but for me, I need to sleep and sleep well, especially on long hauls, which I do numerous times a year. When traveling for business you need to land in your destination well rested or if you are hoping overseas to catch up with friends for the weekend you don't want to be napping one of your only 2 days in your destination, so I resort to these to help me out in these extreme situations.

Lip Balm and Colour: Balm to keep your lips hydrating against dry airplane air, I swear by carmex, and some easy colour to throw on upon arrive, because you want to give each destination your best impression J My latest obsession is Dior Lip Glow – colour reviver balm.

Canon Camera & Essential peripherals: Because hey, I cannot go anywhere without it and you would never check such a thing.

Computer: Because as a full-time corporate executive and a trying-to-establish-herself blogger, you are literally attached to this