Some memories, events and occurrences are so unexpected and random that it is impossible to capture the moment, and even harder to subsequently accurately portray it. Even with video and “insta stories” today (I did not have this luxury years ago when I started down my wanderlust road) it’s sometimes still hard to share the moments that stick with us most and truly shape our travel experiences. That is how this “From 38,000 ft” series came about.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself on the journey home from my trips, I started taking that time to recall memories, the things that made me laugh most, the highs and lows, as both can be just as valuable. After a while, I realized these thoughts are way too good to not write down, and so it began. Most of the things recalled here are very personal, but some are very location specific and I think useful, and mostly entertaining, for anyone interested in reading. Let me know your thoughts!


From 38k Ft

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